How to convert a batch of BVH files into BIP files


You would like to convert a set of BVH files into BIP files.


To batch convert the files:
  1. Open 3ds Max.
  1. Create a biped (Create > Systems > Biped)
  1. Select root node on the biped (Bip01)
  1. Go to the Motion Panel and under the Motion Capture rollout, click on Batch File Conversion
  1. The Motion Capture Batch File Conversion dialog box will appear (as shown below)
  1. Click on Source File Selection, select the *.bvh files you would like to convert, and click on Open.
  1. For the Destination Directory, click on Browse… and choose the folder where you would like to store the converted files.
  1. By default, Specify Conversion Parameters Once will be selected. With this option selected, you only need to set the parameters once for all of the files in the batch. (If you choose Specify Conversion Parameters for Each File instead, then the parameters dialog mentioned in step 6 will appear once for each file.)
  1. Click on OK.
  1. The Motion Capture Conversion Parameters dialog box will appear next. You can choose to leave the default parameters or adjust the parameters in the interface. (You can also click on Load Parameters to load a .MOC file with predefined parameters.)
  1. Once you are done setting the parameters, click on OK to convert the files.
3ds Max will then convert each of the .bvh files into .bip format. Once the conversion process is complete, all of the .bip files will be stored in the path you specified in the Destination Directory.

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