Parse alternatives

Parse alternatives

As you may noticed Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017. Most of us need to find an alternative backend service for our apps. Please help the community to find a great BaaS. Contribution guidelines can be found here.

What features are we looking for?

  • Data Storage
  • Push Notifications
  • Usage Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Social Integration
  • User Administration
  • Cloud Code Integration
  • Multiple Mobile Platform SDKs
  • Background Jobs
  • Crash Report


The real-time providers are marked with ⚡️ icon.

General purpose providers

  • AnyPresence The AnyPresence MBaaS is focused on simplifying the process of building enterprise mobile apps that run on many devices, without sacrificing developer flexibility. Users without much mobile experience or time can get started quickly, to assemble and deploy an app through a web-based designer. Advanced developers have access to the source code for all underlying components, to make customizations outside the platform or deploy server components on-premise. (discussion)
  • ApiOmat ApiOmat enables your enterprise processes to function as mobile applications. We mobilize complex business structures and processes by offering a mobile backend as a service solution that connects existing IT-systems with mobile applications and devices. The mobile backend as a service can be directly installed in a company’s data center, with connectors operating as a secure linkage to IT systems. This allows employees to work with data via apps and digital instances irrespective of where they are. (discussion)
  • Appcelerator Arrow ⚡️ A next-gen MBaaS, Arrow consists of two primary components, Builder and Cloud. Arrow Builder lets developers rapidly assemble APIs, data models and data connectors either via visual wizard or programmatically. Arrow Cloud delivers an instant, elastically scalable cloud service for running APIs and analyzing their use, as well as full support for rich push notifications and 20+ other services (e.g. geo, photo storage, etc) along with ArrowDB, which provides a schema-less data store. (discussion)
  • Integrated mobile backend services (MBaaS), so you can focus on your apps, not infrastructure, including database, push, and server code. (discussion)
  • Appmobi Secure Mobile Security as a Service (MSaaS) platform. Configurable encryption, authentication and encrypted data stores all from one platform. Includes Secure Live Update, Secure Push, Secure Push Messaging, and Secure Analytics. (discussion)
  • Apps Panel ⚡️ Apps Panel is an ISV which created an “as a Service” 360° Mobile Backend (MBaaS) for apps/IoT. This innovative middleware allows a global management of apps/IoT (content, marketing, analytics, monitoring…) with a comprehensive Web interface, and an API development/Gateways to interact dynamically with corporate information systems. (discussion)
  • AppStax ⚡️ AppStax provides the back-end services you need to build scalable apps for a global market. Replace all or parts of your back-end using high-availability services for data storage, real-time communications, and NodeJS-based server code. Real-time capabilities include channel-based publish-subscribe models, secure communications between users, and two-way data-binding. Two-way data-binding makes it trivial to notify clients in real-time whenever data is updated in the back-end. (discussion)
  • Appzio ⚡️ Appzio offers a full REST mobile backend, push notifications, SMS sending & mobile app CMS that allows logic & content changes using web admin dashboard. Integrations to Facebook, Google Analytics, Flurry and custom third party REST api’s. Backend driven mobile solution with native iOS and Android client code. (discussion)
  • AppWooDoo ⚡️ AppWooDoo offers a simple yet powerful real-time database and push notifications backend server. Compatible for iOS and Android. (discussion)
  • Apstrata Apstrata is a powerful back-end as a Service that provides multiple APIs covering: orchestration (JavaScript server-side scripting), No-SQL persistence, messaging (push notifications, email), social networks integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), Identity and authorizations Management. You can expose your own business logic as REST APIs in a snap. Apstrata can scale as much as your application requires it. Last but not least, it is simple to use, provides an extensive documentation and the support and forum teams are very reactive. (discussion)
  • AWS Mobile Hub AWS Mobile Hub lets you easily add and configure features for your mobile apps, including user authentication, data storage, backend logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics. After you build your app, AWS Mobile Hub gives you easy access to testing on real devices, as well as analytics dashboards to track usage of your app. (discussion)
  • back{4}app Parse lovers can keep using Parse for new and existent apps! back{4}app is the hub for backend and APIs. It empowers the developers with visual tools to build and host APIs for mobile, web and IoT apps. The platform uses Parse open source framework to make it happen and let the developers to continue using powerful Parse features such as SDKs, Cloud Code, Push Notifications and more. The solution allows a complete and quick migration from Parse through a wizard tool. Once we use Parse Server to generate the backend, it requires almost no changes in the frontend after the migration. (discussion)
  • Backand ⚡️ Backand is a powerful backend-as-a-service for AngularJS that provides out-of-the-box social login, push notifications, Ionic integration and much more. (discussion)
  • Backbeam ⚡️ Backbeam offers many services that you will use to build your web and mobile applications. Backbeam is also designed to help you in your development process, not only when your application is finished. (discussion)
  • Backendless A system of integrated, general purpose, mobile cloud services with native and REST APIs. Such as: User Management, Data Persistence, Geolocation, Media Streaming, Publish/Subscribe Messaging, Push Notifications, Custom Business Logic, Analytics, Mobile Code Generation. (discussion)
  • Buddy A lightweight, fast and flexible platform for collecting and processing IoT data. Also offers a mobile-focused set of APIs such as Users, Checkins, Push Notifications and Metrics. (discussion)
  • ⚡️’s award-winning mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) allows companies to create applications without the hassle of designing, building, and maintaining a custom backend technology stack. Backend provides a proven, enterprise-grade platform that powers engaging applications for web, mobile and loT — built in weeks or days, instead of months. (discussion)
  • ⚡️ is a mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) which lets you implement realtime, search and more in your app in minutes. Think of CloudBoost as Parse + Firebase + Algolia all combined into one. CloudBoost is an open platform, which is available on docker and can be installed on any server and on any cloud. It is also available as a managed service. (discussion)
  • CloudKit CloudKit is a framework that replaces back-end web services like old-school databases, file storage, and user authentication systems. CloudKit offers tons of APIs to access iCloud. You can create a user model inside your application linked to a user’s iCloud account. Meanwhile, you can have a public global database to store application-level data. You can also save large files and bulk data into iCloud Drive, so your users can use their data from their other devices. This works just like working on local files, but with all the operations sent to the cloud. (discussion)
  • CloudMine Instantly embed mobile services such as: push notification, geolocation, social, SMS and personal fitness data with out-of-box support for mission critical APIs & web services. Make sure your mobile experience is enjoyed across all devices with support for iOS, Android, Microsoft, mobile web (HTML5), and cross-platform UI toolsets. (discussion)
  • Cosmic JS Cosmic JS is a cloud-hosted content platform that makes it easy to add dynamic content to any website or app. Cosmic JS takes an API-first approach to content management, allowing your content to be available on any website or application and across devices regardless of programming language. This allows for faster development cycles, faster content management and gives you more time to spend on building great products. (discussion)
  • FatFractal FatFractal lets you get started quickly with schema-less collection and object creation, and builds on that with advanced features including: local development; advanced query language; bi-directional datagraph traversal; declarative permissions; push notifications; event-, endpoint- and schedule-triggered backend code; pluggable authentication; and much more. Offers native iOS, Android/Java, and HTML5/JavaScript SDKs. (discussion)
  • Firebase ⚡️ You can store & sync data with Firebase NoSQL cloud database. Data is stored as JSON, synced to all connected clients in realtime, and available when your app goes offline. You can also authenticate users with email & password, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google, anonymous auth, or easily integrate with your existing authentication system. (discussion)
  • Flybase ⚡️ Flybase’s clustered NoSQL cloud services let’s you easily store and sync data. Data is stored as JSON, easily queryable using a mongo-like query language to quickly retrieve only data you need, and synced to all connected clients in real-time. (discussion)
  • Graphcool Graphcool is a powerful backend-as-a-service platform for GraphQL used by companies like Twitter to quickly iterate on new products. In just 5 minutes you can setup a complete backend that works with frontend frameworks such as Angular, Apollo, Relay, React & React Native. Includes built-in integrations for popular services.
  • Kii With Kii’s mobile backend, create scalable, high performance mobile apps for various operating systems that all connect with your device seamlessly. With a complete set of built-in development tools, reduce your app development time from months to hours. (discussion)
  • Kinvey An alternative backend-as-a-service (BaaS) provider very similar to Parse. Like Parse, it offers cloud storage, push notifications and custom business logic, but also provides an out-of-the-box implementation of Facebook Open Graph for apps that don’t have websites. (discussion)
  • Kumulos Kumulos is built for mobile app development businesses and agencies to allow you to manage all of your clients and their apps from one single-pane-of-glass. Kumulos can be white-labelled with your agencies branding and you can invite your clients to join. Kumulos has features for each stage of the app lifecycle starting with Gartner recognised mBaaS technology. In addition to SQL based storage, this includes Hookup (to connect to other MySQL databases), KScript (for server-side Javascript jobs), a RESTful API and client SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, PHP and more. (discussion)
  • Microsoft Azure Mobile App Service This service comes close to Parse with its online/offline data syncing, user authentication, push notifications and cloud code.It’s easy to rapidly build engaging cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac. (discussion)
  • MoBack ⚡️ MoBack is a mobile as a back end service that specializes in push notifications, data storage, REST API, analytics, user management, iOS, .Net, SDK, Android, Unity, Javascript, and Custom code. (discussion)
  • PubNub ⚡️ PubNub powers low-latency messaging across any device, any platform, anywhere in the world. Use our simple APIs and SDKs to connect, build, and scale realtime applications on the PubNub Data Stream Network. Focus on shipping a great product instead of building and managing expensive data streaming infrastructure. (discussion)
  • RapidAPI ⚡️ RapidAPI is a BaaS providing many different features and APIs. User can use visual blocks to create the backend without writing a single line of code. You can do basic data storage, send push notifications, emails and text messages even integrate with Social APIs like Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. (discussion)
  • ⚡️ The Realm Mobile Platform delivers automatic realtime data sync, offline-first experiences, and event handling with less than 10 lines of code. The client-side component, Realm Mobile Database, is cross-platform, supporting both iOS and Android, and object-based, meaning no JSON, or ORM. Use the server-side Realm Object Server on any cloud or on-premises, with the ability to connect you existing infrastructure and APIs to your mobile devices. (discussion)
  • Reindex Backend as a service with a GraphQL API. Reindex offers data storage, authentication, permissions, hooks for integrating with third-party services and custom code, and an open source SDK. (discussion)
  • Backend-as-a-service focused on a powerful interface for creating your database models and providing a JSON REST API. (discussion)
  • Red Hat Mobile Platform BaaS specially dedicated to the enterprise. Formerly known as FeedHenry. Open Source projects on Allows backend integration (based on Node.js). Comes with tooling for both native iOS, Android and Windows as well as HTML5 based apps. SSO, OAuth, LDAP security integration. Collaboration features and lifecycle management. Push Notifications. Analytics built in. Can run dedicated, on public and private clouds and in hybrid configurations. Dedicated commercial cloud offering available.
  • ShepHertz App42 ShepHertz provides a Omni-Channel Platform (mobile, social, gaming, TV, IoT, wearables etc.) to build Apps and Games. Deployed in 9 countries, processing 25+ Billion API Calls and trusted by thousands of Indie developers, App Studios and Enterprises across the world, App42 offers 25+ mBaaS modules such as Push Notifications, NoSQL Storage, Cloud Code, User Management, File Upload, Advanced Actionable Analytics, Gaming Backend APIs and much more. (discussion)
  • Syncano ⚡️ Syncano is a highly customizable BaaS that greatly reduces the need for backend code and middleware so developers can focus on building exceptional user experiences. (discussion)
  • Telerik Telerik Backend Services is equipped with a robust set of security measures to encrypt and securely transport data from all communications. As your business needs grow, you can be sure that Telerik Backend Services will scale to meet your requirements. (discussion)
  • ZetaPush ⚡️ ZetaPush is a realtime BaaS providing out of the box authentications and services. You can use noSQL database, file storage, search, mail, sms, etc, everything as a service. ZetaPush provides SDKs for mobile, web and IoT. (discussion)

Push notification providers

  • Accengage ⚡️ Accengage is the European leader in Push Notification Technology for mobile apps & websites. Available as a SaaS solution, Accengage has an intuitive user interface to set-up, launch, analyse and optimise your CRM Strategy on mobile devices and desktops. Over 300 international customers rely on the Accengage solution to communicate in a targeted, personalized, automated and synchronized way with their app & website users. Key figures: 60 Months of R&D, 500 Million installed apps with the Accengage SDK, 3 Billion push notifications sent per Month. (discussion)
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) ⚡️ Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a fast, flexible, fully managed publish-subscribe based messaging service for mobile and enterprise messaging that is used by several leading brands and startups to send billions of messages every day. With Amazon SNS, you can send push notifications to iOS, Android, Windows, FireOS, Baidu and MacOS devices. Additionally, you can deliver messages to other destinations such as Amazon Simple Queueing Service (SQS) queues, HTTP endpoints, email, SMS and AWS Lambda functions. With Amazon SNS you can make 1M requests, 1M mobile push delivery attempts and send 1GB of data out of any AWS region at no-charge every month. (discussion)
  • Appboy Appboy is an industry-leading customer relationship suite for mobile marketers. Thousands of global brands use Appboy’s robust audience segmentation and advanced multi-channel messaging system to create highly personalized lifecycle marketing campaigns in every relevant channel — from push, in-app, and web to email, wearables, and emerging technologies — across billions of user profiles worldwide to better engage, retain, and monetize their customers. (discussion)
  • Batch Batch is a push notification platform built around predictive analytics and smart segmentation algorithms. With Batch, you can efficiently send transactional (one to one) and marketing notifications (one to many) while leveraging our other modules to run a successful retention strategy. (discussion)
  • Boxcar Boxcar is reliable and inexpensive push notification platform support iOS and Android. It offers realtime analytics of user behaviour, open source SDK and high availability. It is build on a very flexible business pricing model that is based on speed of delivery, not on the number of devices or push delivered. It means you can use it no matter what is your budget but selecting the speed that match the criticity of your application. (discussion)
  • Carnival Carnival mobile marketing automation drives app engagement and customer conversions. Carnival gives you three channels to engage your users with rich messaging: push notifications to drive app opens; in-app notifications to increase conversions; and a customizable Message Stream to deliver rich, full-screen content. Carnival also offers rich audience segmentation and message automation. (discussion)
  • Catapush ⚡️ Catapush is a simple, reliable and scalable delivery API for transactional push notifications for applications. Ideal for sending data-driven transactional notifications including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages. Get delivery confirmation with real time status for each message sent and build intelligent messaging logic in your real time applications. (discussion)
  • Growth Push Growth Push is one of the biggest push notification platform in Japan. Growth Push provides Push Notification’s analyses and delivery services for Applications developers. It not only optimizes the effectiveness of Push Notifications. (discussion)
  • Kahuna Kahuna is a smart, multi-channel communication automation platform. Built originally for push, Kahuna also supports email, in-app, and social media communication channels. Kahuna focuses on tracking user actions and delivering across multiple channels, as well as providing intelligent services to suggest the best times and places to deliver messages. (discussion)
  • Leanplum ⚡️ Leanplum offers a complete Mobile Marketing Automation platform that contains personalized messaging, in-app UI optimization, A/B testing, and analytics. This diverse toolkit enables apps to manage every touch point of the customer journey, from onboarding through conversions. In short, the platform is the end-to-end key to brand survival. (discussion)
  • Netmera Netmera is a Mobile Application Engagement Platform. We offer a series of development tools and app communication features to help your mobile business ignite and soar. Our platform will increase your mobile engagement with SMART campaigns and EASY data analysis features. (discussion)
  • OneSignal OneSignal is a completely free push notification delivery service. We fund our product development through products offered to enterprise clients. We provide a suite of APIs and tools for mobile developers to send, schedule, localize, and A/B test their notification campaigns. Our highly reliable service has all the features of Parse and developers can use our Parse data importer to ease their switch. (discussion)
  • PushBots PushBots is a scalable push notification system for mobile applications that helps save time and effort to effectively communicate with your users. We provide native SDKs (Android, iOS, and Phonegap), REST API, API clients(PHP, Python, NodeJS and dotNET) and an online dashboard to manage and send your push notifications. We also provide analytics, push scheduling and Twitter integration. (discussion)
  • PushChamp ⚡️ PushChamp is a cross-platform communication solution, which powers developers and marketeers to engage with their users and track the message deliverability real-time. Currently supported platforms are mobile push notification (Android, iOS, Windows), browser push notification (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), Email and SMS. Some of our features are SMS fallback(in case of push fails), real-time analytics, user profiling and reusable templates. (discussion)
  • Pushwoosh Pushwoosh is a multi-platform push notifications service, which enables developers, marketing reps and product owners to keep in touch with their app users, drive engagement, promote products, push up sales, and track the progress of the campaign with notifications. (discussion)
  • Pushy Pushy is an Android push notifications service up to 2x times faster than the competition. It uses dedicated socket connection to ensure push notification delivery in critical situations. Devices maintain a background connection to Pushy using the MQTT protocol, an extremely light-weight pub/sub protocol that consumes very little network bandwidth and battery. Pushy is perfect for real-time applications. Reliable, scalable, blazing-fast, and budget-friendly. (discussion)
  • Urban Airship Urban Airship helps leading brands engage their mobile users and build high-value relationships from the moment customers download an app. Thousands of companies and some of the most demanding brands in retail, media & entertainment, sports and travel & hospitality, trust Urban Airship to deliver the mobile moments that matter to their customers and to their business. (discussion)
  • Tapjoy ⚡️ Tapjoy, the mobile app industry’s first personalized monetization platform, utilizes their holistic LTV infrastructure to enable app developers to deliver personalized, contextually relevant engagement and monetization campaigns. This technology offers user-level-segmentation which allows you to send targeted Push Notifications to re-engage your users and alert them of updates in your game or currency sales. Not only that, it allows you to take targeting to the next level by using Predictive Analytics. Choose to utilize unique products that increase conversions from Push Notifications by linking a push notifications to an opportunity to monetize with our Push to Earn product. Most importantly, push is FREE when you monetize with Tapjoy. (discussion)
  • TUNE In-App Marketing With In-App Marketing, the TUNE Marketing Console (TMC) now gives you ownership of the entire mobile marketing funnel, from first touch to ongoing retention, in one integrated platform. By optimizing user experience and delivering relevant content to the right people at the right time, In-App Marketing drives higher engagement and maximizes each user’s value. (discussion)
  • WonderPush WonderPush is a free push notification platform without obligation or credit card, that provides open source SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript for easy integration into mobile applications and web sites. Its powerful REST API helps to programmatically deliver 100.000’s push notification in a second. Marketers can automate sendings and do behavioral segmentation using the straightforward dashboard. (discussion)
  • Xtremepush XtremePush is a leading mobile analytics, engagement and proximity marketing platform. The platform provides deep analytics and messaging functionality allowing brands to analyse and intelligently engage with their app users using Push notifications and In App Messaging. We also provide Geo Fencing and iBeacon technology enabling location based engagement with app users all through one easy to use platform. (discussion)

Analytics providers

  • Amplitude ⚡️ Simply the best analytics for mobile and web. Track everything. Store everything. Never worry about scale! (discussion)
  • ⚡️ Finally a mobile app analytics you don’t need to analyze. (discussion)
  • Amazon Mobile Analytics ⚡️ With Amazon Mobile Analytics, you can measure app usage and app revenue. By tracking key trends such as new vs. returning users, app revenue, user retention, and custom in-app behavior events, you can make data-driven decisions to increase engagement and monetization for your app. You can view key charts in the Mobile Analytics console and automatically export your app event data to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift to run custom analysis. Amazon Mobile Analytics is free up to 100 million events per month and just $1 per million events thereafter. (discussion)
  • AppAnalytics ⚡️ Real-time mobile app analytics for the entire customer lifecycle with event-based analytics, crash analytics, heat map analytics and gesture recognition! (discussion)
  • Appsee ⚡️ Appsee’s mobile analytics platform provides in-depth analysis of your users’ behavior, allowing you to deliver the ultimate app experience. (discussion)
  • CleverTap ⚡️ CleverTap lets you do app analytics at incredible speeds, and engage with your users via push notifications, in-app messages, emails or web notifications. You can use it to personalize all your interactions with users, across all channels. It does automatic uninstall tracking – with an ability to reach out to the users who’ve uninstalled the app for product feedback. Parse users can migrate to CleverTap in two simple steps with zero downtime. (discussion)
  • Countly Countly is world’s leading open source, enterprise mobile and web analytics & marketing platform. Countly is provided in several editions, including Community Edition with a free-to-use non-commercial license, Cloud (SaaS) Edition and self-hosted or Enterprise Edition with SLA coverage. (discussion)
  • Dynatrace ⚡️ Dynatrace is the leading enterprise APM solution according to Gartner. Dynatrace covers full stack monitoring of technology stacks, real user monitoring of mobile apps and web, monitoring of backend services and infrastructure.
  • Twitter Fabric ⚡️ Helps developers track crashes or user behavior within the apps and keeps all these critical data in a single, intuitive dashboard. Furthermore a fully fledged SDK that allows integrating major cross cutting concern providers (e.g. payment – Stripe, integration – Amazon Cognito etc.).
  • Flurry Analytics ⚡️ Measure, track and analyze app performance, user acquisition and activity with Flurry Analytics. (discussion)
  • Google Analytics for Mobile Apps ⚡️ Google Analytics for Mobile Apps lets you measure the full value of your app across all key stages, from first discovery and download to in-app conversions. See what keeps your users engaged and learn how you can make them happier – and your app more successful. (discussion)
  • Heap Analytics ⚡️ Heap automatically captures every user action in your web or iOS app and lets you measure it all after the fact. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views. You’re no longer limited by events you thought to log upfront. (discussion)
  • Liquid ⚡️ Liquid is one stop shop analytics with Push notifications and In-App messages. Can segment users by attributes and behaviors and action upon them in real time. (discussion)
  • Localytics Our Mobile Engagement Platform brings together User Insights, Smart Targeting & Marketing Automation to power great user engagement. (discussion)
  • Mixpanel ⚡️ Make your product better by measuring actions, instead of page views. Mixpanel gives you the ability to easily measure what people are doing in your app on iOS, Android, and web. (discussion)
  • Taplytics Taplytics is a fully integrated mobile A/B testing, push notification, and analytics platform providing the tools you need to optimize your mobile app. Taplytics supports transactional, geo, event and behavioral triggered push notifications, all of which can be a/b tested and optimized for success. (discussion)
  • WebEngage ⚡️ Multi-channel User Engagement Platform. Communicate via In-App Messages, Push Notifications, Web Messages, Emails, Text Messages in real-time. Understand your users across all channels. Real-time event analytics across all channels and platforms. Identify trends & patterns based on User Interests, Lifecycle, Behavior, Geo-location and much more. (discussion)

Crash Report providers

  • Crashlytics ⚡️ The most powerful, yet lightest weight crash reporting solution. (discussion)
  • Crittercism Crashes are never welcome, but Crittercism can help you identify them as soon as they happen. Crash Reporting monitors both fatal and non-fatal errors so that you can fix issues before they impact users. Pinpoint where and why crashes are happening, who’s affected, and how to fix it. (discussion)
  • Hockeyapp You don’t want your app to crash, but it happens. And when it does, you’d better have fast and precise info about what went wrong and why. With HockeyApp, you’ll get meaningful crash reports. Best of all, we regularly assess that HockeyApp has the most reliable crash reporting on the market. (discussion)
  • Instabug ⚡️ We provide you with a powerful realtime crash reporter, with minimum footprint. With the exact level of detail, we provide you with a full report about the running environment and the app log. We also do further server-side processing on crashes to provide you with the meaningful stack trace, and hence make it easier for you to solve the problem. (discussion)

User Administration providers

  • Auth0 Single sign on services for your apps. Supports OAuth via over 34 different identity providers, passwordless login, and more. (discussion)
  • AuthRocket Versatile authentication API that allows you to integrate logins, social sign in, and user management into your app. (discussion)
  • Amazon Cognito Amazon Cognito lets you easily add user sign-up and sign-in to your mobile and web apps. Gives the option to authenticate users through social identity providers such as Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon, with SAML identity solutions, or by using your an individual identity system. In addition, Amazon Cognito allows saving data locally on users devices, even when the devices are offline. Data synchronization amongst several user devices possible.
  • Digits Twitter’s mobile-first sign in solution. Allows users to easily sign in and sign up using their phone number, manages the user graph, and free for unlimited users. (discussion)
  • Stormpath Identity layer for your apps with integrations for popular backend frameworks and user databases. Easily manage user permissions, API keys, and user tokens. (discussion)
  • Tapglue Tapglue provides a social layer including user-management for app developers. You can signup and login users, create social graphs (friend & follower model) and build feeds on top of it. (discussion)

Backends for Game developers

  • AppWarp ⚡️ AppWarp is a powerful, yet simple platform for developing multiplayer real-time games and applications. We provide awesome features to developers that enable you to build seemingly complex applications with little effort. (discussion)
  • brainCloud brainCloud is a ready-made backend for the development of feature-rich mobile+social games and gamified apps. brainCloud features include cloud data, cloud code, push notifications, social integration, multiplayer support, matchmaking, gamification, in-app purchases, pricing controls, promotions, segments, analytics, external authentication, shared accounts, dataStream architecture, scheduled jobs and more. (discussion)
  • Gamedonia ⚡️ Gamedonia offers a flexible backend platform to build, launch and run online games. Build with our server-side tools, featuring Database, Server Code, Multiplayer Networking, User Management, Purchases, Push, and more. Gamedonia’s solutions are cross-platform and compatible with games for mobile and PC. (discussion)
  • GameSparks ⚡️ GameSparks is the leading Backend as a Service platform for games developers, helping to build all of the server-side features of their game, as well as tuning and managing their game once it has launched. Typical server-side features include leaderboards, multiplayer, notifications and player save data. The GameSparks platform provides developers with a single integrated tool to build these server components, boosting player retention and monetization without ever having to set up and run a server. (discussion)
  • Heroic Labs Heroic’s API makes it easy for developers to rapidly add social and competitive features to apps/games without the need for a server backend. The API is designed and optimised for high volume mobile apps/games, and readily provides all the necessary features without requiring additional code or configuration on top of basic building blocks. (discussion)
  • Photon ⚡️ Easily Add Multiplayer to Your Games, Run Them in the Global Photon Cloud or Host Your Own Photon Servers. Fast, reliable, scalable. Made for anyone: indies, professional studios and AAA productions. (discussion)
  • PlayFab PlayFab offers the most complete backend platform built exclusively for live games. Core services include player management, content management, in-game commerce, in-game marketing, multiplayer, basic reporting, and more. The Add-On Marketplace provides pre-integrated services from other companies, such as community tools, advanced analytics, attribution tracking, in-game advertising, and more. Best of all, it’s free for unlimited players — pay only for premium support and enterprise features. Start integrating with your mobile, PC, or console game today. You bring the fun, we’ll do the rest. (discussion)
  • SmartFoxServer ⚡️ SmartFoxServer is a comprehensive SDK for rapidly developing multiplayer games and applications with Adobe Flash/Flex/Air, Unity, HTML5, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, Java, Windows 8, C++ and more. SmartFoxServer comes with a rich set of features, an impressive documentation set, tens of examples with their source, powerful administration tools and a very active support forum. (discussion)

Open-source solutions

  • AeroGear We make cross-platform enterprise mobile development easy. Aerogear provides flexible, extensible libraries and server side components that will simplify your mobile development and infrastructure setup across platforms. (discussion)
  • Apache Usergrid Usergrid is an open-source Backend-as-a-Service (“BaaS” or “mBaaS”) composed of an integrated distributed NoSQL database, application layer and client tier with SDKs for developers looking to rapidly build web and/or mobile applications. It provides elementary services (user registration & management, data storage, file storage, queues) and retrieval features (full text search, geolocation search, joins) to power common app features. (discussion)
  • BaasBox BaasBox provides a web administrative console, user management API and signup with Facebook and Google+, content management with grant/revoke permissions on documents on user and roles, geospatial queries, store big file, file custom metadata and file links, integrated friendship APIs based on «following» concept, push notification for iOS and Android, Server scripting for extending the features via plugins. (discussion)
  • Couchbase Mobile ⚡️ A full-stack open-source NoSQL database. It includes an embedded database (for iOS, OS X, tvOS, watchOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Unity, Xamarin, PhoneGap/Cordova, and HTML5), a database server, multi-master replication with automatic and custom conflict resolution, fine-grained user/role based security, pluggable authentication, web-hooks, REST APIs, and Stream/Batch APIs. Apps using Couchbase Mobile work offline with data being automatically synchronized between the embedded databases and database server. It is designed to be easily integrated with other systems. (discussion)
  • DreamFactory DreamFactory is an open source REST API automation platform for mobile, IoT, and web applications. Built on the Laravel framework, DreamFactory automatically creates REST APIs for SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, and push notifications. Connect to your data sources, script business logic with Javascript or PHP, secure your APIs with built-in access control, JWT, OAuth, and AD/LDAP, and get started with sample apps for Objective-C, Swift, Android, Angular 1 and 2, React, Javascript, Titanium, and .NET. (discussion)
  • GUN ⚡️ GUN is a highly modular, open-source, real-time, offline-first, distributed cache storage engine. By default gun uses localStorage for data storage, but with gun-level there are many more data storage engines just a module away. GUN defaults to pushing all data. The gun team is regularly releasing new modules, new and improved functionality, and improving performance. (discussion)
  • hook ⚡️ hook is a backend as a service written in PHP. It was designed by real needs of a digital agency. It provides a powerful REST API, which allows developers to create many applications in the same backend endpoint. It has client implementations to many languages like JavaScriptC#Corona SDKiOSJava, etc. (discussion)
  • Kinto Kinto is a lightweight JSON storage service with synchronisation and sharing abilities. It is meant to be easy to use and easy to self-host. Kinto is used at Mozilla and released under the Apache v2 license. (discussion)
  • Kuzzle ⚡️ Kuzzle is an open-source back-end as a service (BaaS). Kuzzle combines a high level API, a database, a real-time engine, subscription and notification mechanisms as well as some advanced search features. The API is accessible through several standard protocols. (discussion)
  • LoopBack ⚡️ LoopBack is an open-source Node.js framework built on top of Express optimized for building APIs for mobile, web, and other devices. Connect to multiple data sources, write business logic in Node.js, glue on top of your existing services and data, connect using JS, iOS & Android SDKs. (discussion)
  • Marlin ⚡️ Marlin is a fast (2000+ requests per second) REST API library built on top of redis server. Its has no specific clients like Android or iOS. But it has got developer API for custom APIs which can be written in Python. (docs) (discussion)
  • Parse Server On the same day that Facebook announced they were shutting down Parse, they also released an open-source replacement called Parse Server. Jobs, Analytics are notably not implemented. (discussion)
  • Piwik Piwik is the leading open-source analytics platform that gives you more than just powerful analytics. (discussion)
  • Serverless Framework The application framework for building web, mobile and IoT backends exclusively on Amazon Web Services’ Lambda and API Gateway. (discussion)
  • Strapi Strapi is an open-source Node.js rich framework for building applications and services built on top of Koa. Strapi enables developers to focus on writing reusable application logic instead of spending time building infrastructure either through a user interface or directly in the code. (discussion)

Parse Server hosting providers

  • Nimble Parse We at Nimblestack built and launched a 100% Parse compatible API in less than one week. Current offer includes Object creation & query, User management, and Cloud Code. Push notifications and background jobs are in the pipeline. (discussion)
  • NodeChef Parse Server Managed Parse Server. Build your perfect app on any platform without worrying about backend management. (discussion)
  • Oursky Parse Hosting Don’t panic. We migrate your Parse app and host your backend. Migrate to a server under your control; we do maintenance and upgrade so you wouldn’t have to. We host. We migrate. We support. (discussion)
  • SashiDo SashiDo (formerly ParseGround) takes care for the server management, so you can focus on your apps. As easy as before. We’ll migrate, host & support your Parse apps. Free migration, 24/7 support, Multi-Geo coverage, Dashboard / Metrics, Automated Scaling, Free SSL. Simple and flexible pricing, starts from $4.95/mo. Based on AWS Technologies. (discussion)

Parse Server infrastructure providers

  • AWS AWS is Amazon’s cloud infrastructure service. It supports running Node.js apps both on VMs and docker container as well as running Mongo and AWS’s own DynamoDB. (discussion)
  • Azure Microsoft cloud service. Supports both Node.js and Mongo via MongoLab. (discussion)
  • Clever Cloud Clever Cloud is a Europe-based PaaS company with bulletproof infrastructure, automatic scaling, fair pricing and an integration with Github for app deployment and hosting. Clever Cloud comes with a Node.js runtime and a native MongoDB add-on to run Parse. (discussion)
  • Google Cloud Platform You can migrate your app from the hosted Parse backend to Google App Engine by running Node.js on App Engine Managed VMs and using MongoDB preinstalled on a Compute Engine VM instance or by using MongoLab. (discussion)
  • Heroku Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps — we’re the fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches. (discussion)
  • IBM Bluemix Bluemix is IBM’s platform service, built with Cloud Foundry and running on IBM SoftLayer. It supports the Node.js runtime required for Parse Server. Bluemix also comes with many database options, including MongoDB from IBM’s acquisition. Link includes migration instructions. (discussion)
  • Nitrous Nitrous is a cloud-based code editor with collaboration, one-click installs and snapshots. (discussion)
  • ObjectRocket ObjectRocket is a leading MongoDB-as-a-service provider specializing in extremely fast performance and friendly expertise. ObjectRocket offers Parse migration-specific support and also has direct connections to AWS, if you want your app tier to live there. (discussion)
  • RAX Cloud provider with support for it’s own cloud, aws and azure. Supports running Node.js in both VMs and docker containers. (discussion)
  • Triton Joyent’s elastic container infrastructure backed by bare metal. It allows you to run Node.js apps and Mongo and provide a lot of tools for production debugging of Node.js apps. (discussion)

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