Which is a better alternative to AdMob for Android and iOS ad platform?

There are a lot of advertising possibilities. Here is an (incomplete) list:  I have an idea about Admob I’m writing this post so that it might be useful for u in some way
Google’s AdMob, by far the most used ad platform, easy to integrate into your apps, supports house ads, good analytics, but pays less than others. There have also beenreports on accounts being closed for no good reason. Here is a (slightly outdated) post with comments on Admob and Adsense.
  • Google’s AdWhirl, supports multiple ad networks, but difficult to setup with poor documentation.A review
  • MobClix, 2nd in popularity after AdMob, easy to integrate, multiple ad networks, pays more than AdMob but has high payment threshold before it will pay out, reportedly pays with 3 months delay. A comparison of MobClix versus AdMob
  • MobFox, targets high revenue ads in US and Europe, allows you to control the minimum ad-click price.Here’s an extensive review andsome SO users comments
  • MoPub, new kid on the block, multiple ad networks, different ad types (banner, full screen, video ads). Currently working on support for in-app payments, not really turnkey integration. Some user coments
  • LeadBolt, multiple ad types like interstituals and video ads, high fill rate, more information here
  • JumpTap, good at matching ads to your app, One SO user review here
  • Airpush, pushes ads to the notification pane, some apps that use Airpush have been temporarily banned from Android Marketbecause users regarded this as malicious app behaviour. Has opt-out system either by entering your IMEI or installing an opt-out app. More info here
  • Opera Software’s AdMarvelsupports multiple ad networks
  • Burstly multiple ad networks
  • Greystripe, different ad types (e.g. banner or full screen)
  • mMedia, formerly known as millenial
  • Aditic
  • Smaato
  • Mojiva
  • Appmobi HTML5/javascript ads,
  • Appmobi HTML5/javascript ads, currently busy developing an android ad api
  • InMobi good support (even onquestions asked on SE)
  • Tapjoy
  • Komli Mobile
  • Vdopia
  • Google AdSense for mobile webpages, has strict acceptance policy

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